Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Jeffrey Greenberg

These are older versions of OpenGo
Version 4.2
     License V1
     Source Code zip format 2.5 mb
     Windows Gui zip format exe 195 kb
     Windows Console zip format 51 kb

Version 4.0 April 8, 2000
     License V1
     This is a complete source distribution with new changes Maurizio Gavioli and Laramie Leavitt.
     It should compile on linux, as is (if you don't force filenames to lowercase).
     It has the 'final' interface improvements for this release.
     It has some support for repeated games against an opponent.
     It includes a new program: GoLearner, but I cannot get it to compile under windows. Laramie will send me a patch.
     I want to release this version if it compiles cleanly on all platforms.

Version 3
     License V1
     Source Code zip format (2.6mb)
     Compiled Program
         Windows Gui (zip format) 179 kb
         Windows Console interface (zip format) 43kb (character-based interface)