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5.1.6, October 24, 2002
I've made the thing compile on Linux and I tested it on Redhat 7.3.   Then I merged that code with the Windows version.  But I don't have a Linux box now to validate this.  So if this still doesn't work on Linux, I can release the Linux version directly.  Please let me know!!   It *should* work, but it might not but only because of Windows/Unix CRLF issues.

I actually did this in June but I've been too busy to do anything at all, like release it...   Help would be appreciated.

This version also includes the release Windows and Linux compiled versions, which should run without needing the Microsoft debug libraries.

Source & Executables.

5.1beta 5, April 23, 2002
I've integrated various improvements by Laramie Leavitt, Carl Staelin, and Don Wagner into this release.   These concern loading engine dlls dynamically, compiling cleanly under BoundsChecker, and fixing compile problems under Linux.  Also the GMP capability to play such engines as GnuGo under Linux was fixed up.

I've also released a compiled version for windows which should not require debugging dlls.  Want to know if this is working ok.  However, Wally does not work properly if compiled for release, though it seems to if compiled for debugging.  Can someone look at this?

Source & Executables.

5.1beta 4, February 11, 2002
Laramie Leavitt has made a number of important modifications.  These are significant changes in that they turn the engines (aka players) into DLLs or Unix Shared Libraries, so they're much better encapsulated.  OpenGo then will load them when it starts up. We still need to improve this to load engines automatically instead of compiling the names in, which is the case in this version.

Here is the zip file for 5.1 beta 4.  Changes are prepended below.

This version has a recursive makefile scheme for Unix//Linux which is different than the Linxu Patch...

(These were done to the 4.2 line and I've spent alot of time reporting it back to the 5.0 line and I won't do it again!  Work off this version as the baseline! thanks )
LINUX Patch to 5.0, January 2002
The LINUX part of the 5.0 release was broken: This zip file contains the fixed files for a successful compile. Overwrite the released version with the files enclosed..

This site is for developing the next release.

Please observe the OpenGo license.

Please see the Archives for older versions.

(JG - April 23, 2002)

Changes in Proposed 5.1
This is a development version.  Changes from previous version include:
==Beta 5 ==
Fixes to compile under linux

Fixes to compile cleanly under boundschecker

Fixes to load .dlls automatically under windows

==Beta 4 ==
Fixes to CommandLine Parsing including spelling, usage.

Do not need to include the libraries for linking the player

ref_con.cpp - Added comment about closing OpenGoFile

referee.cpp - close OpenGoFile
windows\childfrm.cpp - Changes to OnUpdateViews.  Will now show the handicap, and wil always display the title corectly.
windows\childfrm.h - added m_NoTitle
windows\OpengoDoc.h  -- added GetHandicap function
windows\OpengoDoc.cpp -- ditto

deps.h - was having problems with the zobrist hash in databd.cpp line 967
          caused a problem in the Wally versus Gondo 9x9 1 stone handicap game.
          overloaded int rnd_FullRange() and unsigned int rnd_FullllRange()
             and changed implementation to do 32 bit rand generation in the unsigned case.
             I am concerned with the portability of these to unix & 64bit boxes.

console/ParseCommand.cpp - Will now use the dynamically loaded dlls to choose player.  Added -r for random seed.
command/ParseCommand.h - no longer use BlackID and WhiteID.  Now use BlackPlayer and WhitePlayer.
Note: we should have a define for the size of the name.

Gondo.dsp - using fewer libraries for linking
Random.dsp - using fewer libraries for linking
Wally.dsp - using fewer libraries for linking

Removed testing/GenericTest/in - no longer needed do to command line parsing.
Removed testing/GondoTest/in - no longer needed do to command line parsing.

==Beta 3 ==
Not publicly released.

==Beta 2 ==
Further modifications to utilize the player factory.
Tested player factory.
Changed all the players into .DLLs for the player factory.
Modified the Windows executable to use the player factory.

==Beta 1==
Rearranged directory structure.
Implemented a dynamic library loading class for windows.
Implemented a player factory.
Changed console to use the player factory.
Player factory may support loading players in DLLs...
I also began making some changes to support the Takeback callback.
TODO:  Add the .ini loader for player dialogues.
TODO:  Add load functionality.
TODO:  Add checks to see if the player is already loaded.
TODO:  More modem changes.
TODO:  Player factory should support more features.
TODO:  The command line argument parser should use the player factory for available players
TODO:  Should be able to load players from the command line.